Smart Portfolios

 Require More Than Effort


Advisors, analysts, and portfolio managers:

Get the most intelligent and comprehensive investment discovery, portfolio builder, and optimization toolkit for top-end results.

Smart Portfolios
Require More Than Effort

Advisors, analysts, and portfolio managers:

Get the most intelligent and comprehensive investment discovery, portfolio builder, and optimization toolkit for top-end results.

Our Digital Research Assistant discovers investments and builds portfolios unlike you’ve ever done before.


Find investments with the factor persistence I want.


Enjoy a no-compromise search.


Avoid the frustration of limited investment types.


Test my market sentiment.


Strategically align  my other investments.


Achieve consistency with my clients’ passions and beliefs.

It’s All Here. In One Place.

InvestIn has everything you need for common research, due diligence, or portfolio tasks:  searching for one investment to fulfill a specific portfolio requirement; defining a group of investments sharing a top-ranking in one or more Factors (a factor-based theme or sleeve); building a portfolio model to evaluate.   

And, for those pursuing Factor Investing for a single investment strategy or for the entire portfolio, InvestIn offers the only toolkit for every purpose (see “The Factor Takeoff” here).

“The Persistent Winners” is a groundbreaking whitepaper proving that investments with top 25% rankings for any of 50 quantitative statistical Factors at least two consecutive years are more likely to persist in the top 25% in future periods for that Factor. The more persistence, the higher the probability of future achievement.

Read about Factor persistence for investment selection and portfolio building.


Better Tools. Better Results.

3 integrated discovery tools + customized investable sleeves + advanced optimization = high-value portfolio building

P2 – Persistence Power: finds any investment best at any particular factor across multiple time periods.

F2 – Fit Finder: uses an exclusive and highly advanced genetic algorithm to always find investments with the best fit to any set of factors and time periods; there’s never an empty result.

C2 – Clone Collector: identifies investments most like a desired target; this is perfect for finding substitutes.

S2 – Saved Sleeves: enables saving selections from a results table into an investable basket that fully participates in the database as an investment; a sleeve is one of InvestIn’s incomparable portfolio-building and optimization capabilities.

Want Intelligent, Sensibly Built Portfolios? It’s Easy.

Choose Your Factors or Our IntelliSets


50 Risk/Return Factors

193 Fundamental Factors

16 ESG Factors

50+ IntelliSets

Analyze with Top-End Tables and Graphs


Percentile Rankings

Multiple Peer Groups

Market Cycle Segments

Specific Economic Periods

Build Portfolios or Select IntelliSleeves™


Select Investments for Portfolio

Multi-Level Portfolio Analysis

Optimize with Sophisitication

Save as Investable Sleeves

Clear Benefits.  Clear Value.

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Since InvestIn is a fixed annual subscription fee, breakeven to costs happens quickly such as:

  • If charging 100 basis points, one new client gained due to InvestIn’s capabilities (or saving an existing client from leaving) with $600,000 in AUM (i.e. $6,000/0.01).


  • If applied to a $10 million block of assets, 6 basis points in additional return from improved investment selection and/or improved optimized allocations (i.e. $6,000/$10,000,000).


  • If applied to a $60 million block, 1 basis point in improvement compared to current methods.

Once new AUM is produced through InvestIn – from a new client and/or improved returns – the additional AUM, if sustained, covers the $6,000 perpetually. In other words, breakeven on the annual cost occurs just once instead of needing to do so every year.

Once breakeven on InvestIn’s cost occurs through increased AUM or improved portfolio performance (see the “Quick Breakeven” tab), every dollar gained thereafter is pure gross profit.

As you benefit, your AUM increases but your InvestIn costs stay the same (i.e. $6,000 per year).

In comparison, other investment and portfolio software services that charge basis points make your costs for their services variable. This means that as your AUM increases, the other services’ costs increase too . . . even though their package of functions and benefits remain the same.

Just one newly-discovered investment produces multiples in client value.

A better-allocated portfolio through advanced optimization produces higher returns than current methods, and this increases AUM, which generates higher revenues.

Proprietary portfolio strategies help keep clients from straying to competitors.

Insightful ranking and analysis reduce portfolio exposure to below-average investments.

An easy-to-use workflow, pre-packaged choices, on-screen help, and fast processing get you productive immediately.

A secured web portal makes it fast and easy (dare we say fun too?).
Your Business Is All About ROI. Judge this ROI.

1 - 5 Users

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(Optional hedge fund directory is an additional $6,000)

6 - 10 Users

(15% discount)




(Hedge fund directory is included)

10+ Users

(25% discount)




(Hedge fund directory is included)


In Control.

Ready for Anything.

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