InvestIn is a subscription service costing $500/mo. on a 12-month agreement for one user or $6,000 per year (discounts apply for volume licenses).  You will account for this as an expense to your business.

Justifying this expense requires you to define financial and operating benefits.  You should expect more in benefits than the cost – an ROI.



Basis point fees commonly charged for portfolio and investment applications are a variable cost to you and your clients; as you succeed, you pay more and more for the same functionality.

InvestIn is a flat $6,000 per year. 

Say your internal advisory costs are 35 basis points, once $1.7 million ($6,000/0.0035) in AUM is reached InvestIn’s cost is perpetually covered.  



Are you paying subscription fees for historical analysis for one or more of stocks, corporate bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, or options?

Eliminating these subscriptions will defray all or a portion of InvestIn’s annual subscription.




Maybe you’d like to expand your services to include ESG overlays or hedge fund due diligence.  InvestIn integrates with your subscription to any hedge fund publisher as well as Refinitiv’s ESG database,

InvestIn gives single-point access for unprecedented coverage of investment types and descriptive factor data.  



You’ll discover investments and build portfolios unlike you’ve done before.

You will be able to stress test across any mix of market and economic threats to allay your clients’ anxieties or foster their aspirations.

Your HNW clients expect personal services. The resulting InvestIn portfolios will be unique to your firm and fitted to your clients’ needs, wants, and aspirations. 


1 - 5 Users

(No discount)




(Optional hedge fund directory is an additional $6,000)

6 - 10 Users

(15% discount)




(Hedge fund directory is included)

10+ Users

(25% discount)




(Hedge fund directory is included)