Not Just Analysis, Portfolio Execution

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The IntelliAdvice models prepackage optimization inputs, or, you can define your own. Most important, you’ll see all allocations you build – equal-weighted, custom, and/or optimized – in a single table for comparison.

A powerful capability optimizes the same set of investments to different investment objectives. The example here optimized variable insurance trusts (VITs) for a variable annuity across nine investment objective gradients: 3 conservative; 3 balanced; 3 aggressive.

Use your own sleeves and/or the pre-packaged IntelliSleeves to build a portfolio only of sleeve themes (this example for two sleeves of sleeves: wealth creation (“WC”) and preservation “WP”)) or a mixture of theme sleeves and straight investments. Using pure-play themes enhances risk/return control and portfolio tailoring to objective.

The assembled portfolio of ETFs shows comprehensive and advanced analysis. Change the time period to see how the portfolio would have performed in various market and economic segments; this allows stress testing to a sentiment.

Monte Carlo analysis considers the probable range of outcomes from market performance. You set the simulation inputs and then receive analysis from different perspectives.

Treated like a live portfolio, each investment you’ve picked is analyzed according to its relative risk and return contribution.  See the portfolio’s detailed statistical analysis.

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