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Raised from Experience

InvestIn is the product platform within Advisable Wealth Engines, LLC (“Advisable”).


At Advisable, we are deeply experienced hands in FinTech companies focused on wealth advisors, investment firms, and family offices.

How deep?  Each of the principal executives has a minimum of 25 years’ experience in the wealth advisory market, and each founded and ran FinTech firms prior to joining forces at Advisable over ten years ago.

How experienced?  We’ve been CIOs (alternative and traditional), CMOs (B2B), COOs (consulting and FinTech), CTOs (Unix and Windows; desktop and web), and CEOs.  Before rising to these C-suite titles, we were salespeople, marketeers, practice management consultants, technologists, developers, and investors.  Our clients have been institutions, family offices, advisory firms, and the aspiring investor.

We develop our innovative product solutions on our own dime, and partner with others for market expansion. This means we know how to work efficiently, and we don’t do anything without a thoughtful purpose.  We’re not interested in super-sized offices or big staffs or perks.  There are talented people all over the world.  We achieve great things through our global network.

What does this mean for you?  We’re tried and true, and we’ll be jumping up and down with excitement at each of your successes.

Our corporate lineage began in 2009.  We are self-contained in our resources from technology to product design to development to marketing to distribution.

We operate a highly sophisticated technology development center led by our two Chief Technology Officers, Sam Matangi and Ahmed Hussam.  Our R&D covers wealth platform technologies, account aggregation, data integration, algorithms, analytics, and user experience.

Marketing is at the core of all we do.  We directly control resources for every marketing function.  This includes website development, content development, design, email campaigns, branding, editorial outreach, and podcasting.

“The reward for me in personally investing and operating a FinTech company is using  technology to transform complex concepts into insights that are applied to improve the investing experience.”

  • National leader in advisor technology, practice management, and insurance applications
  • 30+ years working with HNW investors and family offices
  • Founder of multiple FinTech companies
  • CIO for both traditional and alternative firms
  • CMO in insurance industry and venture capital
  • Lead author and editor of “The PPLI Solution” (John Wiley & Sons)
  • Harvard Business School (MBA); University of Colorado, Boulder (BS)
Kirk Loury

CEO and Managing Member, Advisable Wealth Engines, LLC

“I’m trained as an electrical engineer, and I approach investing with the same mindset:  How can forces be harnessed to power investment understanding and build stronger portfolios for an improved investing experience more able in accomplishing an objective.”

  • CFA charter holder and leadership positions in CFA Institute
  • Founder of two FinTech companies
  • Internationally-recognized investing algorithm developer
  • Advanced analytics and software development
  • Hedge fund and PE investment strategist
  • Lead FinTech investor through VC firms
  • Cairo University; Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering (B.Sc.)

Ayman AbouHend

Chief Investment Officer; Chief Analytics Officer; Managing Member, Advisable Wealth Engines, LLC

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