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InvestIn’s core functional pillars – investment discovery; analysis; portfolio construction – enable tailored services unlike any other tool.

These differentiating services standout in a competitive marketplace in producing valuable benefits for you and your clients.

Customized Smart Beta

Smart Beta combines passive and active investing.  InvestIn allows an advisor to use any index as a base and tilt it toward a particular purpose:  risk-adjusted returns; ESG; investment objective. Test its performance and volatility against historical market and economic conditions.

Save the portfolio as an investable basket (aka sleeve), and in just a few minutes, each client has a custom-built, Smart Beta investment as a core or satellite portfolio position.

Factor-Based Investable Themes


Factor themes can emphasize one or more factors for a specific portfolio role or mandate.

Say, for example, a client is anxious about an overvalued market.

In 5 easy steps, you can produce a defensive and fully investable solution.


Discover the best investments persisting in one or more factors (in this example, wealth preserving such as downside deviation; down capture ratio; max drawdown).


Select any number of investments in the results table and assemble a quick portfolio.


Test the quick portfolio against various market and economic conditions and analyze it using InvestIn’s comprehensive tables and graphs.


Optimize to one or more investment objectives (e.g. conservative, balanced, aggressive, and gradients in between) and view them side-by-side; select the preferred choice.


Save as an investable thematic basket. (Note: each saved basket/sleeve is integrated as a full investment product participant in InvestIn’s database for risk/return statistics, factor rankings, and peer group assignments.)

Theme-Based Portfolios


InvestIn repurposes direct stock and bond investing using its factor-based theme structure that marries managed model portfolios with individual security positions.

InvestIn’s pre-packaged factor-based IntelliSleeves (and/or your own factor themes) are investable products themselves; think of them as mini-models.

A portfolio of these factor-based themes offers 5 key advantages over conventional ETF-only or mutual fund-only portfolios.


Factor Persistence

Stocks and bonds offer ample choice in multi-year factor persistence.


Low Holding Costs

Stock and bond portfolios strip away ETFs’ and mutual funds’ internal expense charges; lower costs means higher returns.


Tax Management

Positions are controlled by you for holding periods, gains realization and tax-loss harvesting.




A portfolio of themes can be optimized to a particular risk, return, and/or ESG emphasis.




An assembly of themes, pure in their respective focuses, optimizes to keep a portfolio true to its investment objective.

Side-by-Side Portfolio Optimization

A given set of discovered investments can be optimized in a portfolio with InvestIn’s learning algorithm; the most advanced capability in the market.

Maybe you want to optimize to a particular risk factor or investment objective or market sentiment.

Or, maybe you want to see an entire series of optimizations side by side.

You can optimize the same set of preferred investments to one or more optimization targets. Each resulting portfolio is shown side by side in graphs and tables.

Especially valuable, you can then evaluate the optimized portfolio set according to a market and economic sentiment.

(Or, if no sentiment, seeing the resiliency of a balanced portfolio in rising, falling, and sideways market conditions.)


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